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For those of you that have an extra soft heart and steel determination - there may be a cat that desperately needs your love and your help. A cat that may have been abandoned or abused. A cat that may have special needs requiring your extra care or even requiring your financial support in the form of an expensive surgery that would save it's life.

There are many, many shelters in this country, but you will have a difficult time finding a purebred cat in a traditional-type shelter. There are two reasons for this. First of all when looking at the total statistics, less than 2% of all cats that are brought into shelters of any kind are found to be purebred (of any breed). (The percentage is much higher with dogs.) The second reason is that many of the rescue organizations are small-in home rescues; single individuals that have dedicated their homes and lives to the rescue effort. Among many other types of rescues, these individuals will also take any purebred cat that they come across in a public shelter. The reason for this is that the vast majority of families that go to a shelter with the idea of bringing home a cat aren't expecting or specifically wanting a purebred; they are only looking for a loving friend to join their family. In most public shelters, each animal has a time limit placed on its life. If they do not find a family before their time is up they will lose their lives!! These home rescue individuals will take the most adoptable cats, keeping them in their own homes until they are placed into a permanent loving home. This way the cats not taken by the individual home rescues, who may not have ever had a chance to be considered, will have less "competition" and will have a higher chance of being adopted - thus having their lives spared.

The point of all of this is to say that if your heart is desiring to be a hero to a cat in need, but it is a Siamese your heart desires most then there are shelters and rescue organizations available to you! We respect the work of these wonderful organizations and we wish to support them. We are in no way affiliated but are happy to give them the exposure they deserve.

You will see a number of shelters I have listed can be found on www.petfinder.com. You can go to this site, click on "Shelter and Rescue Groups" and enter "Siamese" as your breed of choice.

The descriptions listed with each following site have been "borrowed" from the sites themselves:

Meezer Pleaser Siamese Cat Rescue

We are an "all-volunteer" non-profit 501 (c)(3) charity in the York County, PA area dedicated to rescuing and re-homing Siamese (Meezers) cats in need. While our primary focus is on Meezers, we do also help with orientals, cornish rex, snowshoes and various other breeds from time to time.

Siamese Rescue (Featuring 4 different Shelters)

The Siamese Rescue website provides a group of individually operated non-profit Rescue Organizations the opportunity to engage in a common purpose and to come together as one Internet presence. While each organization represented here is a separate non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation with its own Board, policies and procedures, we are all working towards a common goal - to rescue homeless and abandoned Siamese cats and rehome them in carefully screened, permanent situations.

The Siamese Cat Club Welfare Trust

We are a registered charity, looking after the welfare of Siamese cats. We operate a rescue and re-homing service and we foster unwanted cats. We sometimes have adult cats needing permanent, loving homes. All these activities are only available in the U.K.

Kansas City Siamese Rescue

Kansas City Siamese Rescue is a no-kill, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned Siamese Cats and other select breeds. Our ultimate goal is to find permanent, forever homes for these wonderful animals where they will be cherished and loved for the rest of their lives. We spend our time caring for their physical, as well as emotional, needs during the process of screening prospective "parents."

Michigan Siamese Rescue

We are pleased to announce the establishment of a non profit [501(c)(3) status pending] corporation in the state of Michigan dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned Siamese cats before they are euthanized and placing them in carefully screened permanent adoptive homes. We are the Michigan Siamese Rescue, or MISR (pronounced "Meezer") if you prefer the acronym.

New York City Siamese Rescue

New York City Siamese Rescue is a small group of volunteers who find homes for orphaned and abandoned Siamese cats and related breeds, such as Snowshoes and Balinese.

Cat Purebred Rescue

We are a permanent committee of cat fanciers, affiliated with the "Responsible Cat Fanciers of the Northwest", who seek to improve life conditions of pedigreed cats of all breeds recognized by the various registries. We plan to do this through education, identification, rescue and placement. Our goal is to reduce the abandonment and surrender to shelters of pedigreed cats.

Purrs Abound Siamese Rescue of Michigan, Inc.

Purrs Abound Siamese Rescue of Michigan, Inc. is a non-profit Rescue devoted to rescuing Siamese and Siamese mix from Michigan shelters who would otherwise meet the fate of euthanization or sale to research facilities. As foster space permits, Purrs Abound will also assist in the placement of other purebreds and their mixes as well as owner surrendered purebreds and mixes.

Siamese Rescue Metro

Siamese Rescue Metro (SRM) does not have a physical shelter to house our rescued Siamese, therefore we rely on a Foster Care System for our cats. This means that we depend on the loving hearts and generous nature of Siamese Lovers, just like you!

Topeka Siamese Rescue

Siamese Rescue is a partnership of non-profit Rescue Centers that are dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned Siamese cats and placing them in permanent, happy homes. Our aim is to promote the welfare of these special cats by finding them loving and responsible owners.

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