Cat Breeds

Cats have been associated with humans for thousands of years and are the most popular pet in the world. However, when we think of cats, we envision fluffy coat, pointy ears and a long swirly tail. These are the characteristics of most cats, but some breeds put a unique twist on some of these features. Here are some rare cat breeds you may not have heard of.

  • American Curl

This cat gets its name from its ears which are slightly smaller than other breeds. This cat breed originated in California and is a result of a random mutation. Special care needs to be taken not to damage the delicate cartilage in their ears.

  • Devon Rex

This cat breed has short, curly and soft hair and is known to be quite intelligent. They have large eyes and pointed ears which give them an elflike allure.

  • Sphynx

Arguably the most bizarre looking cats, the Sphynx is actually pretty strong and surprisingly rare. The most distinctive feature is its nearly hairless body and oily skin.

  • Khao Manee

This cat breed originated in Thailand and is pure snow white with blue and gold eyes or even one of each colour. Gold eye is actually an amber green colour.  This breed is unique and extremely lucky in Indonesian cultures.

  • Scottish Fold

This cat breed has bended ears giving an illusion of being earless and their round, full faces, and large circular eyes give Scottish fold an owlish look. They are adorable and timid.

  • Munchkin

This breed gets its name from their short legs. These adorable looking kitties get a unique look from a genetic mutation that causes dwarfism. Munchkins are sweet natured, playful, people oriented and intelligent.

  • Bengal

Bengal is an Asian leopard cat crossed with a domestic shorthair cat. They have glorious spotted marking on the body making them a beautiful cat to look at. This breed is agile, active and somewhat wild at times.

  • Selkirk Rex

This fascinating breed has a thick and full coat with very long hair that curls and is often preferred in the show ring due to its fuller look. The breed has been developed in both long and short coat variety.

These are the few rare cat breeds from around the world you may have never heard about.